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Democrats against the war face a tough choice, I think there may be a better way out:

Bad Choice 1: A meaningless "we wish you wouldn't send more troops to Iraq" resolution with no teeth.
Bad Choice 2: Cutting the funding for sending more troops, a potential PR disaster. I'm suspicious that some in the Republican party are just waiting for this to happen... they know they've created a hopeless mess, the best that can happen is to have the Democrats make the last decision, so thirty years from now they can still blame liberals for Iraq.

Choice 3 - Support the Troops, keep our military an all volunteer military: Regular military are limited to two year-long tours, Guard are limited to one, unless they agree to more. They signed up to defend America, not for poorly thought through military adventurism. The actual bill would need some details and exceptions, but Bush would now need to convince the people doing the fighting that it was worthwhile. It would help set a "mnemonic precedent" that supporting the troops means _something_ different then giving them no choice but to go to any meatgrinder politicians want... it will be really hard for Republicans to argue that supporting the troops means not giving the veterans who've already done their share a say in the matter.

Choice 4: Another obvious choice is to make sure that Bush's wars don't get funded by the next generation: take it out of the tax cuts, move the choice of supporting/funding the troops back to Bush.
16 January 2007 @ 05:35 pm
Everyone that hates the war, and George W Bush should watch this:

The Asylum Street Spankers - Stick Magnetic Ribbons on Your S.U.V.
11 January 2007 @ 10:58 am
After last night, if you haven't done it yet, you damn sure should do it now...

08 November 2006 @ 09:41 pm
I am the Independent Blogger of the Office of the Independent Blogger. I took a hiatus of about a week and a half and returned to blogging today. I thought I'd refer you all to my blog, and sample it for you as well.

As I gloated in my latest political entry, I called the Rumsfeld resignation on October first and I called it for either today or January. To quote,

On October first, I wrote,

The more I read of the new Woodward book, State of Denial, the more apparent it becomes to me that Donald Rumsfeld will finally lose his job. Either the day after the Midterm Elections, or in January. That’s how George Walker works. He won’t want to give anything up to the Defeatocrats before the Elections, but I reckon Rumsfeld’s done for.

A few times I’ve waivered slightly, wondering if Bush just might really be dumb enough to allow Rumsfeld’s further presence at the Department of Defense, but I always believed that the writing was on the wall and I do believe myself a Boy who can read the President, whoever it may be. Needless to say, Rumsfeld has stepped down, and now it’s up to a new man to try and wipe Baghdad clean, something that I think is all too possible. Wars don’t end overnight and however dramatic losses may be (and Iraq’s aren’t that bad, in perspective) there is always prospect for Victory. If this new man means that George Bush is serious about changing course in Iraq (which it seems he is, in a roundabout, Bushian way, as he said today, to that same question, “Well, there’s certainly going to be new leadership at the Pentagon”) then that is nothing but a good thing.

The President’s committment, and vision, remains dubious, however. Bush has defeated Rumsfeld; now can he defeat their collective mistakes of the last four years? This is the sort of change that gives old supporters of the War new hope — cautious, tempered hope, but hope all the same.

Yes, I am, as an old but hesitant supporter of the Iraq War, take new hope from this event but I genuinely fear that it's far too little too late.

Here, on this page, titled Inevitabilities are Inevitable, I write about Tuesday's election results,

Today’s Chicago Tribune led off with the headline, Democrats’ Day! but I feel that the New York Times did the public one better when they wrote, a Loud Message for Bush. The truth is that yesterday’s election was a message to Bush rather than a reaffirmation of Liberalism, and it is also a Finally Election, meaning that it’s The One that Shouldn’t Have Gotten Away Like the Others Did. That is, 2002 should’ve been a good year to be a Democrat and 2004 was not an election that Bush should’ve won. This year was similar in circumstance and for once, the Democratic Party was able to capitalize without ruining its own prospects, and the credit should go, as far as organizing the rout, to Chuck Schumer in the Senate and Rahm Emmanuel in the House for not Shrumming up a sure thing.

All through the year I was sure of three things: the Republicans would lose seats, Rick Santorum would be handily defeated and Rod Blagojevich would be re-elected Governor of Illinois. Whether or not the Democrats would take the House was something I was leaning Yes on but wasn’t confident enough to declare because of the Mathematics of Redistricting. I’m glad, enough, that the Democrats have taken the House and might still take the Senate, but I must say I feel bad for the President.

King George can’t govern with a Republican Congress. Imagine how he’ll fail with a Divided Government!

and here, I noted the irony of the GOP defeat being fueled by Iraq.

Check it out and read it often. It's updated daily, and it's updated quite well, I must say in my unbiased and wholly independent way.
16 October 2006 @ 07:47 am

I took the picture above in '03.

I learned October 11, thanks to juuice_newton in space_ghetto, that apparently, the American girl was right.

04 October 2006 @ 07:17 am
Does it bother anyone else that a Republican pedophile seems to be much more upsetting to the American people than legalizing torture, the removal of our basic Constitutional rights, and the failure to capture the leader of the terrorists who attacked us?

While it certainly is shocking that Foley was flirting with pages, I personally feel instituting national policies of sadism and lawlessness ranks a little higher in the "Throw the bastards out" scale. Yet *now* the religious extremists have decided the GOP is wicked and the Dems are dancing in the streets.

Sometimes I don't understand my countrymen at all.
01 October 2006 @ 06:52 am
I can't believe they are destroying our Bill of Rights. It was the shining glory of our nation, the embodiment of our best ideals of freedom. And the current administration and their lackeys are tearing it to shreds.

Vote out the incumbents. Each one of them has proved they do not deserve to govern us.
28 September 2006 @ 11:18 am
Looking through the 2007 edition of http://www.thebudgetgraph.com/view.html I noticed some disturbing(though not surprising) changes made this year..
I was going to list off a bunch of them. But there are so many disgusting cuts and additions it's best you just look at them yourself. Here are a few I came up with before I had to puke.

The Army Core of Engineers budget has been reduced 11%
Flood control for the Mississippi river has been reduced 30%

Excuse me?? did we just learn graphically last year what happens when the Army Core of Engineers is under funded????

The TRiO and Gear up programs have been terminated(Both were porgrams aimed at helping low income students both make it to, and pay for college. Sucks to be poor under a Republican Administration)
Pell grant funding has been reduced 27%
Higher education funding another 30%
Good thing they have allocated 30 million new dollars for the "National Security Language Initiative". Which really aught to be called Stop speaking Spanish wetbacks. I don't understand how on the one hand Washington can so brutally reduce funding for higher education. Then on the other expect people to learn foreign languages. Where do they think people study this shit?

Funding for the Corporation of public broad casting has been cut slashed 25% to 347 million. But funding for the office of the president has been increased 16% to 389 million. WTF it costs more to keep th eoffice of the president running than how many public broad casting stations??? Funding for the White house was also increased 8%.
Don't invade isreal funding to Egypt was increased 1% to 1.3 billion dollars. Isreal "feel free to start bullshit wars over nothing" money was increased 4% to 2.34 billion

EPA -4%
Department of education -4%
Department of the Interior -6%
Department of Housing and Urban Development -2% (including a lovely 26% cut in funding for housing of the elderly who I would point out are the largest growing portion of society today)
Department of labor -4% ( a real kicker here is the Bureau of Labor affairs being literally gutted with a 64% reduction in funding)
Department of Justice -7%

Meanwhile the department of defense is up 7%
The "global war on terror" is still blowing 110 billion dollars this year(likely double that by December 07)

And once again Military spending accounts for 64% of military spending and non military spending is only 36% of discretionary income.

What a pathetic country.
07 September 2006 @ 12:16 pm
Do you believe America has made significant progress in the War on Terror since Sept. 11, 2001? Go vote at JacksonSun.Com. Poll's right there on the front.
09 August 2006 @ 04:55 pm
Hello everyone, I am the Independent Blogger of the Office of the Independent Blogger. Before we talk politics, I've got a new section on my website that I'd like to quickly plug: the Office of the Independent Poet. You'll find a bunch of the poems I've written on there, and it's all in good fun, I say. Now, to politics, which.....aren't.

In regard to political analysis, there's this, where I talk about Joe Lieberman's recent defeat, and I stand up for him, more or less, because I believe he deserves to be stood up for. Similarly, there's this, about Hillary Clinton's chances to run/not run in 2008.

An Excerpt.Collapse )

Additionally, there is criticism of the Lebanese Invasion and the Bush Administration's treatment of it. On the subject of War, we have my thoughts here, specifically about the recent statements made by Generals in the military about Iraq. In response to an embarrassing story about George Bush's lack of knowledge preceding the Invasion, I write this: "I’d like to know what type of deal George Bush made with the Devil to give him the Presidency, but so far, Antonin Scalia won’t answer my phone calls, and William Rehnquist is dead!"

You can read the criticisms here, as well as a look at the Ukraine's recent politics. I love Eastern Europe.
Here, we have a look at Cuba and War Profiteers, and here we have one of my favorite posts, an entry looking at the "inevitability" of War with Iran, in which I look at past "inevitable conflicts." It's a good read, but then again, I believe everything on my site is, as, excuse my lack of humility, I believe that my blog is the best under-the-radar look at politics online. While I'm sure there's disagreement with that notion, my blog is very good, and I'm proud of it.

Finally, on an International and more traditionally Liberal note, there's this: Cold as Ice, where we have a post about the savage beating of Seals, as well as a silly anecdote about an old project of mine involving Seal E., seal claps and Arctic Ice City. Given that we're talking about ice, let's talk about global warming.

Read through, and bookmark it, please!