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Liberal Politics - Positive Action

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This forum is for those with interest in liberal and/or progressive politics who enjoy a friendly discussion environment.

Members should feel free to post:
-- Essays they want to discuss with fellow members
-- Links to news articles of current interest and commentary on the article
-- Announcements of community events or projects in your area
-- Tips and suggestions for ways we can change the world for the better, in large ways and small

(In consideration of members' friends pages, please lj-cut any post that goes beyond two or three paragraphs.)

The forum is moderated: harrying, badgering, flooding, or repeatedly dragging conversations off-topic will result in the unruly being banned and the deletion of inappropriate posts, so that others may continue conversation in an adult manner.


Q: I'm a conservative and people here say nasty things about them. That isn't friendly, is it? I want to debate them.
A: You are visiting a group thats intended purpose is to allow progressives a place to speak freely. Yes, that may include expressions of dismay, disgust, horror, or outrage over conservative policies, economic or social. There are many forums that are meant to allow people from all political spectrums to freely debate issues -- those would be more appropriate places to raise your objections.

Q: Oh, fine, so everyone here just agrees with each other?
A: No. Liberals and progressives are a diverse and free-thinking group of people, though it is likely you will find many agree that George Bush and the US neocons are intolerable, that greed is not the best human quality on which to base a system of government, and that human rights are of importance to the whole world. If you share those values, then I hope you will meet others here of like mind. If you do not share those values, you will frequently find the opinions expressed are not to your tastes.

Q: Yay! I'm a liberal. Is it OK to post my frustration with the neocons here?
A: Yup, though a little of that goes a long way. I hope what we mostly have is positive discussions of practical solutions from a liberal viewpoint, as well as tossing back and forth opinions and ideas about current events. The internet is a great for chat but I think it would be wonderful if people could suggest and discuss actions we can take as individuals that help make the world a better place.

Q: Can we use this forum to debate issues between two different liberal viewpoints?
A: Sure. Just recall that debates are adversarial by nature, so conversations are much preferred. If you choose to formally debate an issue with other members, please do so in a friendly way.

Q: I think that global warming exists and I think it if each of us made one small change to our lifestyle, the problem would be over. Can I post my solution here?
A: Yes, that would be nice.

Q: I am a troll. I have no intention of discussing anything. I will, however, be strolling through each existing thread giving grief to any person who has expressed a liberal sentiment, and starting threads with titles like "Why Hitler Was Just Misunderstood." Will anyone stop me?
A: Yes, you will be banned but thank you for thinking of us.

If this sounds of interest to you, you would be welcome. If you have questions, please contact me:roseross