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09 October 2007 @ 09:08 am
Dominionists With Guns -- And We're Paying For It  
I'm a member of Dark Christian, which tracks current events related to Dominionist Christianity's activities. As you may know, Dominionists are militant, fundamentalist Christians who are not just waiting for Armegeddon -- they actively seek to bring it about so they can see their Maker earlier than scheduled. They look forward to it, since they believe they will have front row seats in heaven from which they will watch the rest of us get tortured for all eternity. That's their idea of paradise and a just God. Bear that in mind as you read on.

Though a minority in Christendom, they are responsible for a great many of the political and education woes we currently suffer in the U.S. because they are aggressively active -- in recruitment, in subversion, and in militant action.

I've seen a lot of alarming stories go by over the years. Books banned, libraries picketed, member coerced, ex-members threatened, politicians bullied, students wooed, contributors enticed, and leaders corrupted. But the most alarming story I've seen yet is posted in yesterday's entries. Campus Crusade's steeplejacking of the military

Steeplejacking usually involves sending covert members into one of a mainstream denomination's churches, little by little, until the previous membership is outnumbered and the Dominionists can vote their people into leadership and change it to their brand of Christianity. Old members who are orthodox in their beliefs can convert to new doctrine or leave. Fair to say no matter which they choose, they are not treated well.

In this case, the organization Dominionists are steeplejacking is the U.S. military. And that's why I believe it's the most alarming news about them, ever. Thousands of frothing zealots cause enough harm with hate speech and political machinations. Hundreds of thousands of frothing, Apocalypse-crazed zealots armed with the best our military can provide? No. Just no.

Read the article, please. Read as many as you need to convince you this is no small problem. Then write your Congresspeople and express your thoughts on the matter. Thank you.